Intel Optane Memory – HDD accelerator as fast as SSD, load game now no longer worry slow!

Intel has launched the Optane Memory line of products that is extremely exciting with the ability to accelerate your entire large capacity HDD.

It has long been known that the read speed of conventional HDDs is very slow compared to SSDs, but due to the large capacity it delivers at a reasonable cost, this is still an option. Alternative to many gamers
If later SSD upgrades were only effective at speeding up Windows startup or some of the software on this small solid-state drive, things were a little different when Intel came out. Optane Memory eyes are extremely exciting with the ability to accelerate your entire large capacity HDD.


More specifically, Optane is a line of SSD storage products from Intel, and the technology behind it is called 3D XPoint, which reads much faster than traditional NAND-type SSDs. Even Optane Memory has about the same speed as the memory chips on the RAM, but still has the ability to store when the power is off.


So how does Optane Memory speed up the HDD? Yes, this product will act as a buffer for the HDD, which regularly stores the data or use of both the operating system and the software, so that loading everything becomes extremely fast. Of course if you have used SSD then everything will become faster.
However, great technology for gamers who want to accelerate the hard drive is still a hassle when you are forced to own the following: Intel’s Kaby Lake platform with CPU and B250 chipset, comes with Windows 10, the latest bios for the main, the Intel Rapid Storage application and, of course, an Intel Optional Memory, available in 16GB and 32GB versions.


After activating the ‘accelerator’ feature in the BIOS, start up the Intel Rapid Storage application and wait for Windows to restart several times to ‘integrate’ Optane into the HDD and enjoy the results unblockedpbsgames! Sure, gamers will notice that the download speed has actually become much faster, from booting the OS to launching applications and of course gaming.


Now, if you compare the cost of buying a high-capacity solid-state drive, putting all your favorite games around 500GB with a combination of Intel Optional Memory and traditional HDD, then the second method is cost-effective. It is cheaper, the capacity is higher, the difference is much higher. Therefore, this is indeed a very useful technology for gamers and may become very hot in the near future.
Unfortunately, Intel only supports Optane Memory on certain new product lines, so gamers who want to upgrade will definitely have to buy the new Kaby Lake or Skylake-X, Kaby Lake-X. Newly introduced. Anyone using AMD is definitely … vacation home.


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