Are you ready to deal with Phuc Long?

It is no exaggeration to say that Phuc Long is a high-profile webgame because there are so many challenges that players need to go through. Only mentioning the map system and fortress is enough to ache, but no less attractive, attractive inherent of a tactical title game.

Expected that Phuc Long will open a wide area testing, with Reset at 10:00 am on March 25.

Diverse diversity

Only two map systems are the war and the world, but Phuc Long has nearly 3,000 strong. If the battlefield maps have more than 400 strongholds, the enormous worlds of the fortress have reached over 2,200 terrains (including cities, townships) that players can experience.

Gamers are not difficult to recognize familiar landmarks with Three Kingdoms such as Lac Duong, Nhan Mon, Kien Thanh, Truong An, Thanh Do, or Lao Quan.


These locations simulate almost the original context so it’s easy to inspire the player by familiarity. In particular, classic battles such as the conquest of Quan Do, Bach Ma, Red Cliff, O Sao, Duong Duong, Di Lang … are also reproduced on the map of the war. Combining many elements such as history, terrain, fighting, … Phuc Long as wrapped up the Three Kingdoms to compete for players to satisfy the experience.

Stronghold – the origin of fame on the battlefield SLG

The stronghold of a character in Phuc Long includes many other architectures such as market, house, government, smithy, inn, military, etc. Each architecture has a function, Power and strategic skills in the way to build a business. The completion of the castle is according to the character level, the higher the level, the more the architecture is built, the functions also increase, the character strength from that is also increased.


When the fortress is strong enough, the master can conquer the expansion of the territory, increase the force to more powerful. With each stronghold there will be specific types of army, increasing the strength of the character. Capturing the enemy fortress will recruit a special army that is not available elsewhere. This makes up the diversity of the character’s military system.

The beginning of nan – just have a favorable start, must be the journey of conquering the four quarters, building the business will smoothly flow. That is why, before starting your career, pick yourself a favor, build a strong fortress, create a strong rear support for the war. Experience Diem Long from March 25 to have the most authentic, the most clear sense of a tactical tactical game high brain.


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