Pleased with the story of the game writers

So far, every time people mention the work of writing and evaluating games in Vietnam, many people may still find it strange with the word: Game Reporters. Writing about the Game.

Still, only about 3% of press units referring to games in our country are recognized as official newspapers, but on the occasion of the 89th anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Press (21/6/1925 – 21/6 / 2014), Games to tell a few stories about the reporters working in the Game industry, about their hardships in the profession people often think: sitting qwerty air conditioning office cutting off the wind.

Pursue passion so you can no longer do the things you love.


Are you a gamer like to play games? Prejudice from society and the family forbids you to play the game so you want to strive to step right into a site about the game, as well as want to have a place to support your game and want to prove to the people. Others see: whether playing, writing or doing the game is not something too bad. It can also be considered a career worthy of respect for society.

You think that’s right! Because no other company or gaming site in the world has ever banned employees from interacting with video games. Conversely, they have a lot of incentive to play their games. Just imagine how simple this is, you indulge in offline games – genre game is picking up money in the international market.


Play 10 similar games like casting, to the time of writing to find the point .. difference between them. This has paid 10 billion a month I also decided to leave the game industry – Do Long Long – Reporter site said.

As for Vietnam, the development of Game Online is the new goose laying eggs with gold companies publish the game. You work in a site oriented information about Game Online, certainly can not write about the Game Offline anymore, but when you find the Offline Game is not valuable in terms of economic benefits, Do you play offline games anymore?

Or rather, there will be plenty of mixed games interspersed from the Chinese market? As a hardcore gamer, can your head easily tolerate any Webgame that has a more child-friendly gameplay system?


So whether it is in the position of writing a PR article for a game publisher or a journalist to write a battlefield for the news site, then you will have very little opportunity and time to play the game properly. His likes. Many people who do not know how to find a way out of this problem have lost themselves. Gamer-Lost a Soul.

Highlights offline events, press conference in Game Village


Just like the reporter for an orthodox journal, Game Reporters will have to master the following skills: Communication, Photography, especially in-depth knowledge of online games in Vietnam. .

The outsiders looking at the running of the events of the Vietnam Game Reporters will probably think this is an easy job. Press events in the game village are always informative, so it is imperative for journalists to be invited to attend all the skills required to provide the most up-to-date information to readers on the page. Believe me

Compared to the press conference, the nature of offline exchanges in the village of Game brought more exciting and comfortable atmosphere. But that atmosphere is probably reserved for the gamers, are they aware that there are still Game Reporters out there who are passionate about the game but can not engage in community discussions? .


Because time for work has taken away most of their time for them to do what they love. Imagine this: The photographer will find it hard to get in the picture, even though it was taken by the photographer himself.

They were so busy working that they could not walk into the stands to participate in interesting competitions from the organizers, so busy they did not have a nose spray with the hot body of the PG participated in the event. In the end, when the party is over, they are always the last ones to keep the NPH interview behind the event.


As I have stated from the beginning of the article, with the longtime Vietnamese writers and gamers in the Vietnamese newspaper industry, the number of journalists who have been granted official journalism cards can only be counted on the fingers. So for those who work long time in the industry but have not been granted a card, they themselves have suffered a lot compared to other colleagues.

Not proved to be a reporter, a reviewer on the Game, sometimes difficult to ask the organizers to attend the event, writing articles. Even when allowed to attend the event as gamers, holding the camera around the event area will not be easy for them.


The situation pushed up at some offline meeting in the game village Vietnam: the second runner is Reporters

For a longtime reporter working in the Vietnamese game industry, perhaps everyone has experienced a scene of players cheating as they participate in the NPH Offline Offline games somehow.

Especially when Reporters voluntarily put themselves trapped in the crowd to take photos, they are also the people who suffer a great risk when the bad guys to mix into the pickpocket will happen regularly.


Perhaps it will be very long to tell about the difficulties and sadness of colleagues writing in the Vietnamese game news, hope with signs of positive changes that our country’s gaming industry achieved in the coming years. Here, the future will be more news sites about the game is recognized as the mainstream newspaper.

There is more opportunity for writers to stick in the Vietnamese game industry achieved a clear title, a category that makes the society respect and recognition of Vietnamese game industry is also a noble occupation like other occupations. .

On the occasion of the 89th anniversary of Vietnam Revolutionary Press, Game4V would like to extend its sincere blessings to all working colleagues in various newspapers and gaming websites. I wish you all the joy in your work, happiness in life and keep passionate enthusiasm for this noble profession.


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