Rage Wars – Game tactical RPG super new crisis

War online game Rage crisis will certainly be a bomb attack on the Chinese market as well as the world.

Was first introduced in 2015, but recent terrorist War online game New Rage revealed some interesting information about the gameplay of this game. Certainly this will be a massive hit in the Chinese market as well as the world as NetEase officially released.


Basically, War Rage style combines role-playing and strategy, quite similar to a name from Korea is Kingdom Under Fire 2, but owns this product more enjoyable fighting style when cut quality action and more focused on parts ordered soldiers, making you play a ‘minister’ in the field more.
Although the characters themselves can defeat the enemy, but the whole series controllers fit soldiers, tactics that ‘simple’ can help the player to destroy the enemy team seems a lot more interesting. With just a few simple commands, War Rage will turn combat experience of people become completely different.


Not only that, players can also take advantage of the terrain elements on the battlefield to win, such as timber from the bridge to make those kinds of traps cause unexpected enemy … Or create out the shortcuts to go to war in order to progress to the point advantage.


In the future, War Rage will expand into a form of open world game with the battlefield scattered all over the world and not just focus on China as the emerging again.



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