Exotic Vietnamese gamers to teach people about to leave ‘plow map’ easy

Vietnamese gamers are playing X-Search and announced upcoming vacation, but before going away forever from the virtual world, he has left a noticeable recipes for those who want to stick with the game.

A rather strange circumstances when this Vietnamese gamers playing X-Search and announced upcoming vacation, but before going away forever from the virtual world, he has left a noticeable recipes for those who want to stick with games. In fact, this is a tip plow map, namely “the crystal set” very useful in the game is easy, just takes a little work, you had a fortune then.

Accordingly, this explains gamers this is a time consuming tips and each person will have to make quite a lot of sub-accounts to collect in the game. Specifically, the way for the implementation of the following items:

“I’m going to break up the game for everyone 1 important information on how to make crystal set, only 1 bit time consuming but a lot of crystal set offline. The you create lots acc track 12h Bat Bo Shen Force, every your boss is dead the assistant uy chest lock 1, but when opened was 5 tablets crystal device unlocked, and can switch back to the main acc (depending on how much you log acc then be more or less depending on the number of different ) “.

There are also some small note: “A 10-member accounts so that properties (which do not require the boss to die, in a few punches for the full 10/10 then exit, another grab the boss dies acc is etched through). Finally, one day reach 100 for members only do not trust the shop that features a wealth log 100 clone “.

So people can be assured of plowing to X-Earn with this trick, the players are gone from the game but very nice also asserts that this is not a hack or exploit so people can safely use without fear of anything: “Ad said it’s not that why people bugs will no longer need to worry offline”.


Action indeed share tips not hack this cheat is very commendable, but wait till you break new game seems a bit selfish share. Vietnamese gamers should share with each other much more for all to reliable, fast along the road toward the new step and not ‘hide all’, not only in this game X-Sword but also in many other games.

If you do not know the web online game X-Search was officially opened to the player in Vietnam since the beginning of last August and is based on Tian Long Ba Bu story of Kim Dung. In the course of play, gamers can encounter random characters in this story. Interested players can easily participate unblocked2games.com play through homepage.


Graphics of the X-Sword stopped inadequate. Although designed font background is relatively easy to see, but the movement of game forced and hard to make the process of X-Earn experience occurred at the average and somewhat boring.

In terms of gameplay, gameplay in X-Sword have fairly simple while still built like many other Chinese Webgame role. Indeed, the process is fairly simple game experience as players will only need to click follow the instructions available.


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