Dragon Sabre – Webgame expensive hotel was purchased in Vietnam

Dragon Sabre – one webgame “hyper” in China has now been bought in Vietnam and prepare gamers launches Vietnam in the coming time.

Full ownership of a browser game features the same graphics, impressive character system, and Dragon Sabre promises to bring gamers a complete martial Zhongyuan “waves”.


Bring Zhongyuan martial context, Dragon Sabre depicted lively and struggles of factions, forces, … all are “five bared” Vo Lam throne Ming owners.

Coming to Dragon Sabre, gamers will be engaged in the struggle, directly experience the feeling became real heroes, becomes Ming Chairman of Zhongyuan martial.


Graphics are one of the pride of the Dragon Sabre. Graphics in the game very attractive and exquisite, every step, moves the character is built in a most vivid and realistic. Skill effects, costumes, wings or mounts are also major plus points of the Dragon Sabre with eye-catching colors while maintaining sharp historical swordplay. More specifically, the scene from the spring, summer, autumn and winter are also NSX into a clever way, always create a new feel and realism for players.


Despite owning only 3 character classes, but the character was thoroughly invested in both form and content skills, character development. The characters’ weapons are also treasures in the Wanderer as sure executioner, make sure the blade and protection, helping to maximize the character power.

With the skills, characteristics distinct character, the healthy people, who are good players, … PK battles in Dragon Sabre will certainly always dramatic and attractive. Especially when combined into one team, then this team can hit all parts of the bay, the area on the Wanderer.


In particular, the system is extremely beautiful beauty and charm will accompany the players during the competition won the Enlightened Master. It was definitely emotional support indispensable for gamers in every battle. However, the beauty of the Dragon Sabre not only to watch, this will be the “trump card”, can decide a winner for gamers.


Combined system uses wings, mounts extremely diverse, and Dragon Sabre takes gamers into the most intense battle and the most refreshing experience. That is one reason why Dragon Sabre became one of the most popular titles in the local market. And promised to “bombard” the Vietnam market in the near future.



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